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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I vow to play guitar at least once a week.

I've let my guitar-playing go by the wayside and it's affected my temperament negatively. Last night I played my Dobro for hours in my basement bar and I felt so good that I now vow to do it at least weekly.

When I play my Dobro, my mind clears of this damn election, my unstable job or the upcoming deep recession. The world fades for a moment and all I think about is the guitar, the glass slide on my pinkie, and maintaining a rhythm.

I do my best playing alone. I actually prefer playing alone. I could give a damn who thinks I'm good or not --- just like sailing.

I play with the strings tuned to E Major so I don't focus on the multiple notes; the important thing is a repetitive rhythm that can last up to five minutes on a single chord. This wouldn't been interesting for an observer, but again, I play alone so it doesn't matter. I try and make my rhythm downright mathematical which becomes mesmerizing after a while.

After I'm done, I feel calm and focused. I suppose some people would explain this feeling with spiritual terms, but shit, I'm about the least "religious" or "spiritual" person you'll meet. The supernatural has zero to do with what I feel at that moment.

It's a calming transcendent feeling that makes me glad I'm living the life I'm in right then --- nothing more. Why cheapen that feeling with pretentious exaltations about some bogus supernatural nonsense?
I wasn't sure if you were talking about guitar playing or masturbating.

I too vow to "play my guitar" at least once a week, although I'm not sure I can keep up with your "hours on end" challenge...
It's funny you wrote that, I've been doing the same thing, but with bass.
I feel the same way about futzing with samples.
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