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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is a defeat of dumbassery and fear.

Oh, and to Sarah Palin, seriously, FUCK YOU. Go back to that crap-hole of a town you're from. YOU LOST. And take that crotch-mouthed husband of yours too. Go on, GIT! GIT! And don't come back to the lower 48. Stick to those "pro-American areas" of the country. Sit and spin, bitch.

Also, to all those whiny-ass liberals I had to battle throughout this campaign who said that white people would be overwhelmed with racism on election day, FUCK YOU. I need you as much as the race-baiting douchebags we've dealt with for over a year. LORD.

Oh, and to John McCain, I'd like to give a very special and very sweet FUCK YOU. Ok, I give it to the old man for battling it out all this time, but you resorted to crap I will never forgive you for. I hope your alien-looking wife never fucks you again.

I called this shit, yea, and I'm not afraid to rub it in. Here was my prediction, and it was nearly RIGHT. Suck it.

And to all nerdy-ass conspiracy theorists: this is your ultimate loss, without a doubt --- including the extremists on the left and the right. Will anyone take you seriously again? Well, I give the right wing extremists probably more possibility because that's where the next propaganda of the Republican party will come from. Good luck, suckas, you're gonna need it!
Classy, Is this what we have to look forward to. Angry people because you WON. I am truly disappointed that you would react to the win this way. Not Truly bringing america together but once again dividing. Isn't this going against what you said Obama was about. The Country as one. You comments certainly do not convey that. Be the bigger man. Win graciously. You just lowered yourself to their level. Not cool. I wish I would have read this before I texted you a congrats.

Truly Disappointed in your reaction

I still love you though! and what size solar panel would you like?

Those FUs are well deserved. I retract nothing.

As for disappointment, that's the last thing I feel right now. As for graciousness, I am gracious to Palin and McCain for nothing, especially now that they've essentially called our current preisdent a terrorist.

Election over. Lets move on. I am trying to forget the last 8 years. We have been divided too much. Now is the time to stop calling names and start bringing the country together. I have to say I was happy for the election because it was not close and it was decisive. I also believe that it is a beautiful thing that one can come from almost nothing with a broken family and be the United States President. Only in the United States can that happen. We should move on from what divided us and celebrate what makes this country grate.
Yes, Colin, I agree. Also, I wrote this post after a few beers. This election has taken an emotional toll on me for some time. We will move forward easily and work on the problems we have. And yes, of course, we are one proud country. ONE.
Did you go to the White house and celebrate
Colin, no, I was at a packed bar with friends watching it on the big screen. It was a bar full of urban liberal types and the entire packed bar was singing the national anthem at the top of their lungs. People were driving around blaring their horns and shouting throughout the city. It was awesome.
Nov. 6, 2008: Random Libertarian's final post on Lonnie's website.

The unhinged insults, pointless and voluminous cussing, ad hominems, and total lack of interest in dialogue are a bit much for me to take.

Congratulations on Obama's great victory, BTW. In other news: random bag searches begin on the DC Metro; three US army brigades have been brought to American soil to police the American people; and the president meets in Beijing this month to set up a new monetary order in a post-dollar world.

Peace out, Lonnie. Good luck with the blog.

--Random Libertarian
And the declaration of martial law you predicted?
And Bush's nuking of an American city that you also predicted? Oh, that's right, it never happened.
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