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Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Fall Weather Makes Me Want a Wood-Burning Stove for the Sailboat

Fireplaces get me through winter. The problem is that my new house sadly does not have one and I'm now dreading the coldest part of winter.

And thanks to Mr. Russ and his blog, I'm wanting a wood stove for my sailboat even more. It certainly would increase my sailing season because I usually don't sail during December, January or February. I've never met Russ, but he seems to have a damn good life; he has a pretty wife, lives on the coast, and spends his days working on and sailing his old-style wooden boat. He sails in my style too --- apathetic about speed, he usually heads out past the point, heaves to, and cooks up some thick toast in an iron skillet on his wood-burning stove, then spikes his hot tea with a nip of British rum. That's living.

I found the stove company's website and can get one for about $700 but have no idea how to install it. I hardly use my boat's wet locker, so I could probably put it there. (Don't mind my wife's bikini hanging there):

Who needs a stupid wet locker when I could put in an actual wood-burning stove. The problem is that I'd only use it three or four months out of the year.

Is it worth it? I'd be interested in anyone's opinion, but especially those who've sailed with me.
I've always wanted one for my own 30' boat. I fear no project, but I would have the same problem figuring out where to put it.

A buddy of mine has one, but it's way smaller than the one you have pictured here. (His boat is also 30'.) And he just throws in little wood chips. Makes it nice and toasty. So toasty that once he needed to back it off a little as the fiberglass started to get a little mushy.

It'd be a salty addition, though, like an oil lantern. Or a whaler's harpoon. Something like that.
Wow, dude, that is a lot of weight to have on one side of the boat. I know you don't race but it would really suck to have port tack dramatically slower than starboard. Could you center it somehow?

Then again I live in California and it doesn't get that cold here (except in the Summer) so I might not appreciate the warmth as much as someone who can sail in snow.
Do they make one to fit on a Laser?. Maybe Greg can invent one to fit in a Bottleport?

I Think it wold be a fine addition. As to the weight on one side I would say that the batteries would offset as well as the weight of the wood that would need to be burned. I would look into a pellet stove version. Easier to manage than wood on a boat and a bag will last all day at 3 to 4 dollars a bag. Other than that I would say Go for it.

No question, you should! Living in Chicago, I don't have the option like some of you to keep my boat in the water year-round. If one of these could get me out on the winter water...hell yeah!

I've been on a friend's boat that had one...worth it's weight (pun intended) in gold. Chicks dig it too, as I'm sure your wife would.

If you can find a small one, it would be unbeleivable for atmosphere.

You would sail in the winter just to sit in your cabin and sip whiskey while the snow falls outside.
LB, a suggestion. How about a corn burning stove?
I don't know much about them but an environmental friend of mine just advocated them to me. Apparently they emit zero smoke and particulate matter. Plus it would be a gret conversation piece.

This is the stove I want --- "The Sardine." It measures 12"X12"x11". I think it would fit perfectly in the wet locker, only reducing that space a small amount.


I could burn anything I want in that stove --- corn, wood, coal, etc.
Yeah it was could yesterday.
Store you wood on the other side…

I think you’re my evil twin.
Check out my stuff at

Seafarer 26, West River

LBII will be even better. You can still use the wet locker a little bit in the summer - especially if you rig the chimney to be removable!
What a treat! Stopping by for my weekly dose of Lonnie and lo and behold there's my little Sardine.

Thanks for the kind words; I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning while the tea steeps.

By all means try to fit one on your boat. It will give you an excuse to extend your sailing season.

Stop by if you find yourself in the neighborhood.


Does your boat have a name?

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