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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Photos from Our Halloween Party

My lovely wife dressed up as Gene Simmons from Kiss:

Me, mixing the punch:

My wife worked long and hard on this tombstone. The dogs love to eat the flour and water used for paper mache, so it was destroyed twice, causing her to rebuild it:

M., with a nice tattoo:

Pulp Fiction:

The scariest photo of the night:

Can't remember what these costumes are:

My dogs!:

A Cowgirl? I'm not sure:

Best costume of the night. B. was Mario punching a money box:

Those boobs are on a man:

Another cowgirl singing karaoke:

This was the 2AM karaoke session down in my basement bar:

All photos by Jim.
I like the Pulp Fiction best. And I have no idea what you're dressed up as. Did anyone dress up as Christopher Hitchens being waterboarded?

Actually, what happened is I was taking money out of an ATM machine when this old white guy jumped me, beat me up, and stole my money. Bu then he spotted my Obama button on my shirt, so in addition to beating me up, came back and he carved a "J" into my face.
I seriously thought that the first cowgirl picture was of ME! How did I get there?
LHB: Hilarious. A cultural moment that will only make sense this Halloween. A backwards J -- as if you did it to yourself in a mirror...
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