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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cooking Dinty Moore While Sailing in 23-Degree Wind Chill

On my birthday yesterday, I took off work and sailed in the coldest weather of my boating career. It was awesome.

Why don't I sail more often in cold weather? It's quite nice, especially when I hove to in the middle of all the whitecaps on the Chesapeake Bay and cooked up two cans of Dinty Moore Chicken Stew --- a mediocre stew when eaten on land, but on a cold sea with salt spray in the air, the steaming gravy, soft carrot slices, and grade D meat tasted amazing. And chased with a few nips of Wild Turkey, life was quite nice, no question.

When preparing to sail in the cold, just remember that there's no such thing as bad weather --- only bad clothes. Steven and I suited up in multiple layers early Wednesday while the weatherman was predicting a small craft advisory --- a type of warning issued when winds are expected to reach a speed just less than gale force (22 to 33 knots). But to avid sailors like me and Steven, "small craft advisory" means "We advise you to sail. Powerboats should stay home." The temps on the Bay were in the 30s, with wind chills at 23F. But with winds blowing in the 20-knot range --- gusting to higher --- and my spirits soaring having just turned age 35, we headed out.

The boat handled great with full reefs and my small headsail. No problem. We rarely heeled more than 15-20 degrees. And there was nearly no one out there --- just an anchored towering car-carrier from Japan and a big catamaran who was calling for a tow on the VHF because he'd snagged a crab pot line --- just bobbing there in the icy waves and wind. Bummer.

That's it: my next sailing feat is to sail while it's snowing. Man, that would be NUTS. Anyone wanna join me? I'm not waiting for a wood stove to go. I now declare my sailing season is 12 months long.
Wow, I thought we were toughing it out last weekend on Tampa Bay with temps in the low 60's!! heheh
Here's to birthday sailing and a 12 month sailing season, I will be doing the same come January! Thanks for the blog too.
Truly, you are my evil twin.
There’s always a few cans of Dinty More in my ice box and my last sail of the years is my B-day, Dec 17th .


You sail out of the West River, right? My boat is docked back in the Rhode so we've probably seen each other. This is the boat I sail.
I love sailing in the snow. Yesterday when I got back from my Laser sail in Massachusetts all the water on the deck was freezing and before I could derig the whole deck was a sheet of ice. Full report soon on Proper Course.
Big Green! What’s her name?
Yeah I’ll look out for you. That half moon bay ay the mouth of the Rhode my favorite close overnighter. My seafarer is very blue and look every bit of the ’70 when she was built. I’m straight across the West Rive at back yard boats which works out well unless there’s a west wind and the water get’s blown out of the harbor. Then I’m stuck in the mud.

Boat name: Lonnie Bruner II
Great post! Cold weather sailing is entertaining for the adversity as much as everything else.

Love the line about small craft advisories.
Sailing in the winter is great. We sailed all winter last year ad even had a St Patrick's Day one boat regatta, sailed down to an Irish Pub on the Bay, tied the boat up, and had a pint o' Guinness and some corned beef. Flew an enormous Irish flag, too, from the transom.

Still haven't sailed in the snow.

I want to do a winter overnight. Or a winter moonlight sail.

How nice would that Dinty Moore stew taste after being warmed up on a nice little Sardine stove.

I HATE DINTY MOORE STEW. Why the hell do sailors think it's Neptune's Gift to the Galley? I just don't get it.

Wind and cold, yes, that's good sailing. But why ruin it with Dinty Moore Spew?
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