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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Friend Derek's New Speakeasy-Style Bar

A good bar with quality cocktails makes me feel damn good, and not just because of my alcohol buzz from expensive ingredients. But sadly, most cocktails that cost over $10 these days are straight swill --- way out of balance, with little love or thought having gone into their creation.

That's why my friend Derek Brown's latest cooperation with The Gibson bar makes Washington DC a more livable place --- at least for drunks like me.

The Gibson is a faux-speakeasy located next to Marvin at 14th and U Street. The entrance is a graffiti-covered door that you'd never guess was hiding an etched-leather black bar top and cocktails that sometimes require flaming orange peel oil (above). Check out their freaking cocktail menu here. Beautiful.

A cocktail should be a culinary venture, like it used to be 100 years ago. Thank Christ this city is thinking more about their cocktails than the run-of-the-mill Jack 'n' Cokes, Vodka 'n' Red Bulls, or other modern middle fingers to the craft of the cocktail.

I was lucky to be invited to their test run last week but their opening night was yesterday. I love when people like Derek do things to make people's lives just a little more enjoyable. Thank you, my friend (said in a McCain voice).

Me, happy:

Notice the etched black leather bar top. Classy:

Old-style incandescent bulbs above the bar. Simple and elegant:

As usual, photos by Jim.
You have just made my day. With the demise of Hummingbird to Mars I mourned my increasing interest in this cocktail movement but now I am saved! Can't wait to try the new place.
That's it. I'm coming down right now for a drink.
That dude wearing the glasses could pass for your twin !!
Was this related to the illegal and truly underground speakeasy that you were talking about in previous posts?

Yes. Same friend Derek who's now doing The Gibson. That other one was called Hummingbird to Mars and it's now defunct.
Derek rocks.
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