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Monday, December 01, 2008

I often forget that it's common for men to style their hair.

I started going bald at age 16 and have been shaving my head since 1993 -- for 15 years. Since then, I've only paid for a haircut once during a three-week stint in Thailand when the heat and humidity were making my beard itchy as hell.

I don't think about hair much and forget that many men actually spend time in front of the mirror mussing and pushing their hair in place with help from creams and sprays and crap.

How strange this is. To do all that extra work must get tedious -- like being required to take an additional poop every day.
Yeah. I can relate to this. I'm just coming out of a two year buzz cut stint. Can't believe I have to buy hair products now. Probably won't last too long. Hair's overrated.
LB...I know you come by baldness naturally..........but, don't knock a extra crap a day.
I often forget that it's common for men to write blog posts about using crap to style their hair.
LB, I remember a certain person with a pretty coll highlighted flock-o-seagulls cut back in the day, How quickly we forget....

Pics please?

I said I often forget. Not forget 100%.
OK, I will send it you have to post it
I part my hair in the middle and then put it into a manly ponytail. Is that ok?
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