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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Acting Debut

My friend and neighbor is a TV producer and she needed an extra so I volunteered. Watch the guy in line in the second scene in the black shirt. That's me:

I'm pretty impressed by myself -- having never acted on TV in my entire life. How do you like that jump back when the guy spills coffee on himself? Like De Niro.
Comments: have what it takes!!
I'm thinking "Own Show" with work like that.
Probably "late night", if I know LB.
You said so much with an eyebrow. I'm moved.

Where's the TP?
And the nominees are: Sylvia Chase for "Love Letters," and Lonnie Bruner for "Curious Queuer."
You didn't seem to trust the guy even before he spilled the coffee. Had he cut you in line?
The director told us to act annoyed with the guy getting the coffee. So that is my best annoyance impersonation.
You should have told your self he is the reason people are still talking about Palin
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