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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Only Foolish Hoi Polloi Still Believe Kennedy Was Killed By Conspiracy

JFK was not killed by more than Lee Harvey Oswald. I'm confident enough of that fact to call anyone who still believes he was killed by conspiracy a bit of a half-wit.

I've now visited the car where the murder took place and the neighborhood where this tragedy happened in Dallas. Just because I've visited these two places doesn't mean I'm smarter than Americans who still believe a conspiracy killed Kennedy, but it does mean that they've been duped by shit like Oliver Stone movies.

Above, I'm standing next to the car in which our president, John F. Kennedy, was killed by a loser whose only talent was being a good shot. This is at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan where I went today.

This is the most inspected murder in world history. From the Warren Commission onward, the investigation of the death of John Kennedy consumed over three decades of our time and money. Millions upon millions of documents have been released and still -- still -- anyone who has seriously reviewed the evidence finds that only Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. What a tragic event -- only made worse by idiots who, for whatever motivation, have succeeded in making many folks in this country into cynics who think their government is composed of mustache-twisting villains who tie women to train tracks (so to speak).

Granted, there are bad people in government, but JFK conspiracism is a unique American cancer that doesn't want to die.

Until all you fools go out and get over these assassination fantasies, we're doomed to be an electorate of fearful cynics. Figure the truth out yourself because I'm giving you nothing more than pictures and blanketing opinions.

Oh, Merry Christmas. I love you guys.
Come on as any good R. D. of the BBC fan knows Kennedy killed himself retroactively via a time machine. Duh!!!!
Your smug conclusions break down because you fail to consider the possibility of the government planting the explosives to expertly bring down the towers...wait, wrong conspiracy. Um, Kennedy was most likely killed by a large group of Africanized bees.
If I were a Troofer I'd initiate a ranting rampage right now.

Thank goodness I'm not a troofer, 'cause I don't have the energy right now.

(I was born and raised in MI. I don't miss it.)
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