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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Winter and I am Fishless

"It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."
-- John Steinbeck

I am sad to announce that I was not able to catch a December striped bass this year. I pitted my mind and my limited fishing skills against this massive wild beast, and lost. LOST.

I upgraded my fishing equipment with quality Penn reels I bought off my dad's neighbor. I went to Bass Pro Shops and bought parachute lures, and built a tandem rig with 24-ounce weights to troll deep. And all I got was a lost rig from snagging it on the bottom and name-calling from the local fisherman.

And look what the lucky guys on the Bay were catching this season! (pulled from a message board) -->

And now I have no more opportunities to catch one; the season ends on 12/31 and I depart for Michigan in two days.

Until April, I am fishless. Am I whining? You bet I am.
At least you're not whining about your curtailed civil liberties, you fag.

Ha! How do you like that? Worked all of your recent themes into a single chop-busting comment.
Don't they have fish in Michigan? You can't concede defeat with 10 days left in the year.
I know the pain. Open water seasons are over in NY, if not legally, then by the nature of things. Ice fishing is here, which is a whole different kind of fun.

I still flew all the way to California and hired a guide so that my Brother in law and I could catch fish. Guess what? I some how managed to pick the weekend after a cold front and we were skunked on a world famous lake known to produce year round. So was everyone else on the lake that day.

I will exact my revenge... sometime. For now, its sitting on the ice freezing for hopes of fish that average around 14oz but taste like sugared butter.
Flying Ties,

Oh man, I would LOVE to go ice fishing. I've never done it.
If your travels bring you near the Adirondacks in January or February, there are plenty of dead fish and maggots to go around.
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