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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This comment made my day.

You gotta wonder about fully grown adults that use multiple exclamation points at the end of sentences. I just got this comment on an old post of mine that lifted my spirits:
I love our sailboat and enjoy every single day that we get out and feel the wind!!! Taking care of her is part of the fun though!! I enjoy making the varnish shine but thats just me!! Im the same way at home always wanting things to look appealing. It doesnt cost much to spit shine something...and no one should own a boat unless they know how to maintain her themselves... (my opinion)
When my husband and I are out sailing, whether for a day or a couple of months, we seem to get along so well which I think happens because we are both doing what we love!!
Who cares how much someones boat cost or how big it is.. what matters is how much they sail her and how much they enjoy her. The wind is FREE!!!!!
Happy sailing
S/V NuTrix
I clicked through and found that the woman on the right -- "caribbeansailingchik" -- wrote that comment:

Can't you just hear the Jimmy Buffet resonating from this image?

Dear caribbeansailingchik:

If more people had your enthusiasm, the world would be a lot less depressing. Thank you, and happy new year. To you, here's a nice sailor's quote:

"You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea. It goes, that's all."
-- Bernard Moitessier
Just watched Deep Water last night for the first time. I loved the Moitessier stuff. I'm gonnna have to read his book.

Happy new year!
Happy New Year LB

How about this: "Five hundred twenty eight thousand feet!!!!!!"

I spend waaay to much time surfing local blogs. I knew of this one before I knew of many others.

Oddly, it feels like a little bubble has burst in my world.
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