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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm Addicted to Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay is this British asshole chef who says fuck in every sentence. His show Kitchen Nightmares brings him into restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy and he turns them around through a combination of shouting, cursing, drastic menu changes and sometimes physical fights. It's awesome.

Tonight's episode had Gordon calling this arrogant French chef a "French pig." Oh man, it was great. Here's the best scene (NSFW for language):

You are wasting your TV watching time if you're not watching this program.
Hhahah! I used to watch this in the UK. He tells it straight to these dudes who think they know it all.

The man's an all out legend.
I have a difficult time believing that one can treat people, or even animals, this way without eventually paying the price, potentially in enumerable ways.

No. His method works. He breaks them down and crushes their egos, then builds them back up with new menus, decor, etc. Then he starts doling out the compliments and the people just shine. By the end, they're all thanking Ramsay for telling them the truth about why their restaurant is failing. That happened with that French guy that he called a pig.
I agree... great program. But Gordo doesn't always turn the restaurant round. There was at least one program when the restaurant still went down the toilet in spite of all his best efforts... and then the owner of joint turned round and sued him for destroying her business!

What amuses me is the mentality of the business people that invite him in to "save" them. You'd have to pretty desperate to want to subject yourself to that treatment. But I guess they usually are clutching at straws by that point and figure that if nothing else they'll get some publicity on TV.
Gordon rocks - but he's a vain bastard, tough. Notice how they always film him changing into his chef's duds and showing us all his ridiculously fake tan!
LB, Sorry, but this guy looks so similar to you that I think it IS you:
We got this episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay TOTALLY uncensored in Australia. Funny how here, they play the F word, but bleep the C word at the very end!
Yeah, when this episode aired in Autralia the controversy was over how many times Gordon Ramsay dropped the 'F' bomb in one episode yet no mention of the C word! Me thinks the channel who have the rights to most og the Gordon Ramsay shows had something to do with promoting it!

New Kitchen Nightmares from the UK (the better version) coming our way this year, they were filmed midn last year!
I really enjoyed the first one I watched, enjoyed the second one, and then felt like I'd seen the episode before when I saw the third. (BBC America version on demand).

Formulas get old fast....any reason I should watch a fourth?
That's awesome. Reminds me of this:
What episode and season is this??
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