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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today, the Obamas Attended Church Two Blocks from My Home

What a nice benefit of living in the District.

This morning, while nursing our hangovers from the previous night's celebration, I noticed that yellow police tape was blocking off my entire street. I walked outside and saw that 100 people had gathered on the corner.

We threw on our coats, grabbed cameras and fresh coffee, and walked toward the crowd waiting to see the Obamas come out of the nearby Baptist church two blocks from my house. A few of the women in the crowd had church-chorus-honed singing voices and had gotten everyone to sing songs like Amazing Grace and This Little Light of Mine. This might sound cheesy, but being there was a feeling of camaraderie you rarely experience.

We waited 35 minutes and saw the Obamas come out, get in the limo and speed away. I wonder if this will be his regular church? Man, the feeling in the city this weekend is something special. I am lucky.

(The church is the white building in the picture with the green dome. The Obamas exited that red door right behind the bus stop. The Washington Post article about it is here).
Very Cool. It's nice to feel proud of a leader.

Obama looks great in his suit, his family is beautiful, his speeches wax poetic, but I'm waiting to see what happens when the "rubber hits the road" in a few weeks. Can he produce the goods when necessary or will he fall far short - time will tell.
Very cool. interesting link on the anatomy of a presidential motorcade...sounds like you might see a lot of these.
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