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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

36 Days Sailing in 2008: My Record

Today I grabbed my logbook off the sailboat and after doing the math, figured out that I sailed 36 days in 2008 -- an average of one daysail every 1.4 weeks.

I was shooting for once every 1.5 weeks, so I beat my goal. For 2009, I hope I get in at least once every 1.2 weeks. That would be nice.

In 2008, I didn't sail at all during January and February and only once in March. My biggest sailing month was June with eight sailing days. For April through November -- the normal sailing season for most boaters -- I sailed an average of once every 0.97 weeks, which makes me VERY happy.

So the short calculation is that for the official sailing season, I sailed more than once a week, and for the whole year, once every week and a half. Not bad.
Good number, we matched! I fear I'm going to sail less this year but we'll see. just need to set your office up on the boat

tex anon

I have. All my info is on my computer and I now have a Verizon card -- can get Internet anywhere on the water. And then the cell phone, no prob.

I'm telling you...move down here....your #'s will go up considerably...

And we can slay some Gulf Stream dragons!!!!! TMK Wilmington
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