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Friday, February 06, 2009

I shouldn't travel just because a bunch of fools bought houses they couldn't afford?

March travel season is coming soon and I'm heading to Dubai, Thailand and India on business. My wife is gonna join me in India to see the sights.

It was funny because Katie posted on facebook that she's going to India for vacation and was approached by a reporter wanting to do a story on people who're taking vacations during the recession.

What, we're not supposed to continue our lives just because a bunch of idiots making less than $30k per year took on mortgages of $600,000 and couldn't pay them back to the idiot bankers who loaned them out? I'm supposed to feel guilty about that?

Fuck that. I ain't rich, but I'm also not waiting until I'm old and decrepit to see the world. Nor am I putting off fun plans just because there are a few people out of work.
totally agree with this logic. i've already got budapest and turkey on the itinerary for 2009. as long as i'm responsible and don't live beyond my means i'll be fine. whats that called....oh yes, common sense. A LOT of people should invest in some.
Work hard, enjoy yourselves, and spread the fun in some interesting blogs afterwards so that those of us who lived within our means, but lost our jobs etc. can laugh a bit at the antics you two foust on the world.
Actually, it's people like yourselves who are HELPING our economy by spending money on things like airline tickets, guns :), boating supplies and things. That's what keeps the economy rolling-spending cash you've earned, not buying on credit and then blowing it.

I'm glad my house is paid off. I can take vacations when I feel like it too. Have a blast, you've worked for it.
ask the reporter is she feels guilty using the convenience of her car, make-up, gym membership etc. when others are suffering during the recession.
Is the following statement correct? You sell American-made products here and outside the USA. If correct, I hope you sell everything in the warehouses that supply you. This will keep all those USA-based factory workers jumping through hoops in trying to fill the orders. That would be justification for traveling non-stop.

Pretty much.
Maybe the idea is that many people can't take vacations during the recession because they don't have any jobs. So the story would probably be more interesting if the reporter interviewed people who had to cancel travel plans.

On the other hand, the airline rates -- not loss of job or recession guilt -- have forced us not to schedule our annual trip out west this year.
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