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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

For Once, Winter is Not Killing Me.

This is the first time in a long while that winter has not made me want to punch someone in the gut daily. Sure, I stand by my former statements that people who love winter are "ice-cold devils", but I think having a bigger house with more light has made me more pleasant.

No normal person can really love winter. I don't believe that.
When I lived back east (New Jersey), I used to feel like I was under seige in the winter.

Every trip outside was like a military campaign. (I can make it to the car, turn on the heat, and, if I'm lucky, will only have to walk four blocks at the other end, if I find a parking space.)

The last winter there, it never went above 20 degrees for six weeks. When the opportunity came, I pulled up stakes and have never looked back.

In California, we're very civilized about how we manage snow. We keep it in the mountains where it belongs, not down here where people have to work and raise families.
Oh god. I knew there was some reason I liked O Docker. He's a fellow escapee from New Jersey. We should start a Facebook group for fellow refugees...
"Ice cold devils" made me laugh out loud. I live in California - it was 73 degrees and sunny yesterday, but I JUST posted about being cold. I was so cold I thought I might either die or start drinking. (Someone is tinkering with the thermostat to my office, I'm sure of it!)

I don't even know what it would be like to experience a "REAL" winter with snow and stuff. I wouldn't make it 1 week!
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