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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kill Bill: Uma Thurman's Feet are Freakish & Disgusting

Finally got around to seeing Kill Bill and the action scenes and extreme violence are terrific but I had to avert my eyes during the numerous close-ups of Uma Thurman's gnarled, finger-like feet. Terrible.

And her toes on each foot don't match! I couldn't find any pictures of them next to one another online, but one of her big -- BIG -- toes is curving off to the west, while the other leans clearly to starboard.

Also, check out the LENGTH of that toe next to the big one. Good lord.

I'm gonna reveal something personal about myself: I have a thing for women's feet. And it's not like I appreciate any old feets -- just the opposite. Only 2% of all the female feet in the world meet my standards, and Uma Thurman's fail miserably.
Toe problems arise from genetic issues or more likely from spending long hours with her feet stuck inside improper footware. Given that the woman is a beauty otherwise, I bet she has worn highheel and pointed toe shoes far too much in her life. That kind of shoe tends to cause the big toe to bend incorrectly (mostly in toward the 2nd toe), deforms the 2nd toe in unusual and often unpredictable ways, and the other 3toes to usually bend inward to the center of the foot and may even curl under. She needs to shed that kind of shoeware and do special exercises for her feet. Then, and perhaps only then, will her toes try to reassert their proper orientation. Sorry for the pseudomedical assessment.
Ohh, I respectfully disagree! I love her feet! They're sexy, yet tough.

My Wife's webbed feet will never have that problem!
After 20+ years of playing soccer and seeing the affects of high heels, I've seen some horrendous and disgusting feet. I wouldn't say that I have a "thing" for feet, but when a good pair comes along, I always make a point to tell the person how nice their feet are.

I agree. Uma's feet are really gross.
You now what they say about woman's feet....?
I read that Quentin developed a fetish over her feet (meaning he liked them,) hence why you see them so much in the movie. I don't think some of her foot problems would be corrected without surgically breaking her toes and her wearing splints on them...her little toe has been broken which is why it is curved in. There's a lot oddball looking in how far apart her eyes are.
She seem an angel...
omg, get over it, you cant choose your feet, so someone might have nice feet but big ass, or ugly nose, bad acne, anything...noone is perfect, it is so lame when a guy judge so strongly female's feet, like they had a choice to choose them, i would like to see your beautifully perfect self...appreciate the whole person, and look little bit higher than feet only... :-//
Most women with hideous feet aren't born with them --- years if wearung grotesque footwear have produced grotesque feet (90% of podiatrists' business is created by women wearing improper shoes). And what really gets mne is they mutilate their feet into hideous monstrosities and then show them off, painting the nails to attract attention to them. Women are --- unusal creatures.
She has definitely got some special feet! Here is complete gallery of

Uma Thurman's feet:
what kind of idiot are you?? 'Only 2% of women's feet meet my standards.' Who cares about your standards? Have you had a look at yourself in the mirror lately? I'd say less than 2% of women would be interested in anything you had to say, about feet or otherwise.
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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy...

Leave her feet alone :)
Okay i have a foot fetish for women with pretty feet.massaging,lickin and such.Urma has large feet for a woman but they are cute enuff to worship.given the chance i would every chance she let plus she's beautiful.just marriage a couple of dumbass exhusbands but she's a Goddess..
I bet this is Uma
her feet look better than mine- even after a good pedicure!
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