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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dubai, Bangkok & Chennai for a Month. Get me out of this cold-ass country.

The length of winter this is the time of year drives a normal man insane. Spring is just around the corner, but for four more grueling weeks mother nature is an annoying punch in the stomach every time you step outdoors. Thank Christ I'm leaving the USA Wednesday -- to return the second week of April. Check out tomorrow's weather differences between DC and the three cities I'll be visiting in the coming weeks:

Washington, DC:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Bangkok, Thailand:

Chennai, India:

I'm not lugging a winter coat all over tropical Asia so I'm going to have to triple-up on clothing for the trip to Dulles airport. And I am going to sail the SHIT out of April when I get back. Now I have to deal with two more days of DC winter before I'm off.
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