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Sunday, March 08, 2009

God Bless Sales of Single Cigarettes

Now and again, I enjoy a cigarette -- a single one, not a whole pack.

Man, nothing tastes quite like a Lucky Strike while strolling through a hot, humid, sunny outdoor Asian market and crunching down some roasted spiced grasshoppers and grilled cuttlefish while chasing them with cold Thai beer that I bought for 80 cents. Luckies are a touch more buttery and less bitter than most smokes. Ah, so nice.

Yes, they still make Lucky Strike cigarettes -- sold mostly outside the USA, for some reason. I always buy this brand when I'm abroad because it brings me back in time, making me feel like they've been issued to me while fighting in World War One.

It's a shame they don't sell individual cigarettes in the States like they do over here in Bangkok. You can just walk up to a vendor who has 10 open packs spread out on a table; just take your pick. I never want an entire pack of 20 anyway.

I'm one of the few people who really can smoke just one -- have for years. You jealous?
They do sell singles in the just have to be in the ghetto to find them. All kinds of interesting things can be found in the "hood"! hahahaa
They serve something called 'go cups' in the 'hood too. Styrofoam cups with ice in them, sitting in freezers. Pick a cup out of the freezer, take it to the man behind the bullet-resistant plastic window, and he'll fill it with booze for a fraction of the price of an unopened tall boy.

Its illegal, but then so are single cig sales.

Come on over to the area around 1st & U sts. NW. You'll see.
Now I have to have a go cup. I know in London for a long while you could buy single cigarettes...or these little three packs. Again, I think you find these things in poorer areas, for obviously reasons. But the go cup! Yes!
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