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Saturday, March 01, 2008

I might --- might --- get a 1960 MGA convertible.

I'm not a "car guy" per se but my new house has a pad-locked two car garage that I need to fill. So why not get a convertible?

My friend works for the US Consulate and may be transferred to Rome next year. He's also a serious classic car collector. He's dreading selling his 1960 MGA convertible so we've been discussing a borrowing agreement for the time he's in Italy.

Holy shit, that car is COOL. And with historic tags, the insurance runs about $140 per year.

Here's another picture of the same car but with red racing stripes.

Mass-commuter culture has sucked most of the joy out of driving; with this MG, I'd like to bring a bit of that joy back --- driving for the sake of taking a leisurely drive, like they did in the old days. Remember those?
Nice!!!, I will split the $140 and maintenance with you if we can ride it on some weekends, You and Katie can baby sit, Think of the perks!!!!!

Heaving jealous sigh.

I think the other blow to leisurely drives is feeling environmentally guilty for doing so. But some of my fondest memories as a kid were the Sunday afternoons when we'd just drive around, no destination, no agenda, just driving.

That MGA is very light, has only two seats, has a 4-cylindar engine, and only 72 horsepower. The gas mileage is about like a 1985 Toyota. Guilt free, my friend.
But the emissions will not the same as a 1985 Toyota. How the heck do lefties get anything done with all this guilt about ruining the world? Oh, right, they don't.
MG's are very environmentally friendly, given they don't run half the time.

But are a blast to drive, I had a 65 TR-4, a 69 TR-6 and raced a Lotus in SCCA solo competition for many years. But with age I have come to appreciate my AWD 260hp Subaru WRX Wagon
I heard before 1962 they were much better quality --- better electrical systems.

Weird you mentioned the Subaru; that was going to be my "practical car" option.
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