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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Home Bar

A while back, Modern Drunkard Magazine had an article listing 50 things every drunkard needs to do during his lifetime; one of those things was building a home bar.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the unimproved bar in my new basement -->

Note the SWEET knotty pine walls and mirror on the front of the bar. And yes, that IS a seven foot blue marlin resting silently on the bar top (I just moved in Friday, gimme a break).

Anyway, suggestions for improvement of this beauty-in-the-rough are welcome. I'm thinking of buying a thick piece of cherry for the top, a new sink, vintage ice maker, ditching that mirrored front, tiling the floors black and yellow, and adding a drop-down wooden ceiling over the bar with hanging glasses.

Anything I'm missing?

I may never go to a public bar again. You're all welcome to join me at "Chez Bruner" once it's done.
As is my calling to the good old days when I had a bar, I call to all those future patrons of Chez F-P, To bring as many strange and exotic flavors as possible, At one time I had over 80 different types of spirits, I think we can do better people!!
Juke box. Or its equivalent. If you have an iPod, there are several options out there for playing your collection via stereo for full environmental music listening.

Kinda looks like the bar in your old place, at least I think there was one there. I seem to remember sleeping one night there...
Lighting tweaks. A few pin spots on dimmers will give you columns of light that people can lean in and out of. Instant film noir.
neon sign, man: do you go with the classic Budweiser; the old-school Schlitz; internationalist Bass? What's a dude to do?
The Door to the outside should have a little slot at the top that only a couple of eyes peer out of and ask for the password. That would be cool.
That WOULD be cool.Thanks.
Hey I just looked at the picture more closely. Damon, does your bar remind you of Claggett, by any chance?
A little bit ...

But this bar is actually real pine wood walls. I think Clagett had faux wood, right? Also, I don't remember a mirror or fully built bar, do you?
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