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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fascist Gone Wild! -- Vladimir Zhirinovsky

I admit, I thought it was damned funny when bat-shit-crazy Russian parliamentarian, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said that "Condoleezza Rice needs a company of soldiers. She needs to be taken to barracks where she would be satisfied." And that “Complex-prone women are especially dangerous. They are like malicious mothers-in-law, women that evoke hatred and irritation with everyone. Everybody tries to part with such women as soon as possible. A mother-in-law is better than a single and childless political persona, though.” (News link)

And how could one not find humor in Zhirinovsky's statements that Russia should re-take Alaska by force or that Russia should construct giant fans to blow nuclear fumes into Germany.


But this latest photo montage of him from is the best yet.

Why can't the US have fascists like him? Just picture Ann Coulter having a distilled spirit named after her or giving a speech in a paratrooper uniform while kissing hot-ass topless women. At least that would be interesting.
Yea, America is too uptight for government officials to be themselves. I will never understand it, when not in the public eye, we all curse, like sex and imbibe in some kind of chemical pleasure. All of us, I dont care who you are, we are all human.
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