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Monday, August 21, 2006

It's hard to catch salmon, playing golf apparently doesn't convert you to Republican, and Will Ferrell isn't funny.

Just got back from a week in northern Michigan, or as locals call it, "up north".

There's something about the way Michiganders use the phrase "up north" that assumes that if you were heading to any northern area on planet Earth, you'd only be going to northern Michigan. Why would you go anywhere else?

A few notes:

It's damned hard to hook two-foot salmon from winding creeks and rivers flowing into the Great Lakes. During a beer-tossing two-hour trip down the Betsie River, our seven-person crew would sporadically exclaim to each other in amazement at the enormous size of the salmon seen thrashing under our drifting canoes and kayaks. Once, my brother-in-law's oar accidentally landed on an unsuspecting fish and he was almost thrown off his boat into the river. After that, we were determined to catch one.

The next day, we arose at six in the morning in pursuit of one of the monsters. After a 45-minute diesel-powered ride from the liquor and bait store to the Betsie, we traipsed through river mud and slippery rocks, fly rods in hand. We didn't catch the beasts we'd hoped for, but I went home with plenty of pebbles in my shoes. For lunch, I ate a six-pack of plastic-wrapped donuts, a half bag of salted cashews and four sticks of river-water-soaked spicy beef sticks. But I was content. As they say, it's called "fishing" not "catching".

I golfed for the first time in my life. I'd been encouraged by my male in-laws for years and I'd resisted for no good reason. This week---my pride swallowed---I decided to humor them. And you know what? It was pretty fun. That, and I wasn't instantly transformed into a Bush-voting conservative. Who knew! Not saying I'll do it again, but still.

Saw Talladega Nights. Will Ferrell, despite being the current It Funny Guy, is, in my humble opinion, not funny. Sacha Baron Cohen's character was far funnier on many levels. Unless it's physical comedy (running around in tighty-whities) Will Ferrell falls short. Sorry Robbie and Katie, but your man is slowly turning into a has-been.
Cohen outfunnies Ferrell by a running mile ...

Glad to hear your trip went well too, man.
It sounds to me like you should have tried wrassling the salmon with your own two hands rather than fish for them.
Glad you had a good trip! I've only been up near Iron Mtn, MI, so I don't have much 'Yooper' experience.

You're right - Sacha Baron Cohen is hilarious. Isn't that the same person who has a new movie coming out too?
Will Ferrell's comedy wields a heavy hand. Maybe he's good at catching salmon. He could club them with his humor.
I once spent the better part of an afternoon watching my buddy repeatedly throwing his canoe paddle into the nearby Platte River trying to hit one of those salmon.

You must have gone to the Cherry Bowl drive in? God I love that place, but I can never stay awake through the second movie.
Didn't make it to the drive-in, but passed right by it.
Next time you're up there, try the deep-fried pickles at Hofbrau. Yum.
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