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Friday, August 11, 2006

On Vacation in Exotic Northern Michigan

I'll be gone for a week and won't have access to internet or cell phone until August 21st.

During my absence, I encourge you to check out the album I put together with Sufjan Stevens a few years back (lies).

In case you're too lazy to check out that link, the music is a mixture of Slayer's hit, Reign in Blood, and John Denver's single, Sunshine On My Shoulders, played until your ears ooze honey, dream bubbles and falernum.

You can be assured that that's how I'll be feeling for nine days while gone from the city of lawyers and DBs.

Here's a thought to keep you occupied:

In 10 years, will people finally realize that the 90s were the best musical decade since the 60s? I hope so.
There's a scary thought. '90s classics.
At what point does modern rock become classic rock?
It really is an album. Wow. Be sure and send out photographs of your hand pointing to where you are in relation to the thumb.
I hope the Michigan Militia don't mistake you for a revenuer and run you over to Canada on a rail.
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