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Monday, July 31, 2006

I keep wrecking my stupid bike.

I'm not a clumsy person by nature, but I've wrecked my bike twice in the past two weeks---breaking a six year record in my biking history.

As you can see from the picture to the right, my front tire slipped into a rut while I was riding, and threw me---tits over asshole, back wheel over front wheel---onto the sidewalk. I somehow managed to land on my feet---literally hitting the ground running. Like last time I am not injured, but the bike appeared fairly fucked at first.

This picture shows how when the front wheel jammed into the rut, the fork separated from the shock absorber, splattering some kind of black fluid all over the place.

And as before, no one was concerned or stopped to ask if I was ok. I dusted myself off, wrenched the front tire out of the rut, jammed the broken shock absorber back into the holes, and rode off. Mind you, the shocks no longer work, but at least the bike is raised up by an additional four inches in front, allowing me to sit more upright and adding to my cruising comfort.
1. Glad you're ok.
2. WTF were you doing riding on the sidewalk?
3. I've never had one of those fancy shock absorber bikes. How do they feel when they're working?
1. Thanks.

2. I try to avoid the road as much as possible, hence the reason I was riding on the sidewalk. I think that's why for 6 years I've only been in two minor accidents. I once asked a cop if it's illegal, and he said just use good judgement: don't ride when the sidewalk is really crowded, but do what you gotta do. In the end, city biking is total anarchy; we're not bound by the man's "rules".

3. shock absorbers are useless. I think they actually make your bike slower.
Yikes! That's quite the photo! Must have got your adrenalin going as you were flying through the air and then landing on your feet. Kind of a Batman move actually, cool.
Just surfing biking sites and found yours, check if you get a chance. Ciao!
you've always had catlike reflexes.
That is hilarious you hit the ground running.
At least you were wearing shoes and not just socks on your pedals!
Oh Damn, LX. You remember.
Investigate the stats on bike v. car collisions, and you will find that the majority of such incidents occur *because* the cyclist was riding on the sidewalk.

Drivers expect to see pedistrians in crosswalks moving at 3 mph, not cyclists moving at 15mph.

Ride in the street. Operate your bicycle as if it were a street-legal machine: Because that is exactly what it is. Seeing grown men riding on sidewalks like little boys only detracts from our collective image.

- A Constant Cyclist

So you're suggesting that the sidewalks of DC should be full of young boys riding bikes? Ok ....

"So you're suggesting that the sidewalks of DC should be full of young boys riding bikes? Ok ...."

Not at all, but your inference is indicative of what is on your mind. My point is that children ride on the sidewalks. Men ride in the street.

I know what you and your bike look like. I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm walking on the sidewalk (and riding in the street).

If you keep this up, I'm gonna give you a wedgie and steal your lunch money.
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