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Monday, July 17, 2006

Dear Washington DC: Shut the Hell Up About How Hot It Is.

I can't endure any more whining about the weather. Please keep it to yourself. No one likes a complainer.

Thank you.

Lonnie Bruner
It's Hot. It's Cold. It's Windy. It's Sunny. It's Snowy. It's Rainy.

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Ya can't drive if it's completely still and perfectly clear, so just SHUSH!!!

I feel you bro. I feel ya! Just unhappy people. "Then fucking move"
:::sipping ice water and not saying a THING::::
I don't mind the's the humidity I could do without. Oh man I just had to say that.

Seriously though the worst part of all this is that my 1974 air conditioning unit is going to cost me a fortune this month, inefficient bastard that it is.
There was AC in 1974?
Do not forget to check on your elderly neighbors, Heat Kills!
some like it hot so let's turn up the heat til we fry....

new karaoke number for you and the Mrs.?

Personally I like the heat.
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