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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Biggest Paella on Earth

Went down to the farmer's market near my work today at 8th & E St, NW and saw a BIG f'n paella. These guys were cooking up a mix of rice, chicken and Spanish spices simply to give away to the public. The pan was at least 8 feet in diameter.

How awesome is the city I live in? There are Spanish dudes with chef's outfits handing out free food to strangers; even homeless people can participate (and they were, believe me).

Is there anything worth complaining about in this country when this type of random shit happens? Just remember: complainers = whiners = no fun. Eat paella and STFU.
Yeah - eat paella and STFU!!!
That's going to be my new catchphrase...
That is awesome. Paella is great stuff. Wish I was there for that one! Though I imagine it would be difficult to cook all the way through in a pot that huge....
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