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Friday, July 14, 2006

Compared to Cambodia, DC's "crime emergency" is like the smurf village without Gargamel.

From the Phnom Penh Post:

JULY 8: The headless body of an unidentified man was found at a canal in the early morning in Prey Sar commune, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Police came to examine the corpse and said the man was murdered elsewhere and his body dumped there two days earlier after his head was cut off with a heavy knife.

JULY 3: Pich Oun, 36, was taken to a provincial hospital for medical treatment after being axed during an argument at 1:30pm in Kom Nop village, Oddar Meanchey province. Police said Oun was chopped three times in the head by Srey Yoeun, 37, who was later arrested. A bystander said the argument happened after Yoeun accused Oun of stealing his chicken.

JULY 5: Four people with an AK-47 escaped after robbing Sok Chan, 56, while he was at home with his wife at 9:30pm in Talak village, Kampong Speu province. Police said the robbers entered the couple's house and tied their arms then stole a motorbike, two damleung (75 grams) of gold, and 350,000 riel in cash.

JULY 5: Pout Khoeun, 37, was axed to death by his brother, Pout Khy, 31, at 2:10pm in Phnom Tauch village, Kampong Speu province. Police said Khy chopped Khoeun four times in the head while they were arguing, then escaped. A neighbor told police the argument happened after Khy came to stop Khoeun, who beat his daughter when he drank. The neighbor said Khoeun deserved to die because he created a problem with his family when he was drunk.
(via Details are Sketchy)
I mean, the guy created problems with his family when he was drunk. What did you expect Pout Khy to do?

My lord.
But..but...this is georgetown we're talking about. Why it's hardly safe to sit on the front steps and savor a glass of chardonnay anymore...
how do you Axe someone in the head 3 or 4 times WHILE you are arguing. what is it with the Axing anyway. it seems that is common there.
With all the ax choppings its sort of hard to feel bad for the guy who lost a motorbike and $80.
True dat.

Here's a pic of me in Phnom Penh in 2003.

Be sure to check out the sign I'm pointing at.

What a wonderfully horrible country.
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