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Friday, July 21, 2006

It finally happened: I hit an opening car door on my bike.

Non-biking car drivers may not understand why bikers ride so far into the driving lane but it's because of what happened to me last night while biking home on 18th Street.

As I was passing a parked taxi cab, the door opened and I rode straight into it. I was thrown onto the hood of another parked car adjacent to the taxi where I landed, sprawled out, bike, helmut and all. Luckily, I wasn't riding fast and there are no serious injuries, but what was most disturbing was the reaction of the door opener: pure indifference. Someone may have said sorry, but they didn't seem to care much. I was too startled to get angry, so I just picked up my sprawled-out ass and kept going.

I've been riding around town for work and pleasure for around six years and had never been in an accident 'til last night. This is due to my deft ability to swerve around pedestrians on the sidewalks of the city, and my near fearlessness around motor vehicles.

If you're parking in the city, look back before opening your door. Most people who live in DC do this, but for those of you who live in areas where seeing a bike is like seeing a freak of nature (yes, I'm talking to you, Maryland and Virginia) be conscious. That's all I'm saying.

More Info: The Door Zone Project
oh, i'm so sorry you got doored -- that's the worst, but i'm glad you're alright.

the driver's reaction is, sadly, very common. i had one guy door me -- hadn't even checked his side mirror, just swung the bugger open -- who actually lectured me to "watch out next time!" after i picked myself up from the middle of the street. i wish driver's understood how important to check things out before opening a car door into traffic.
Thanks for your sympathy, man.
I'm convinced that we bikers are invisible to drivers of metal boxes. I was almost killed the other day by oue local mailman pulling out of a driveway right in front of me.
Glad you weren't more seriously injured. Perhaps next time the inconsiderate driver fails to muster up some sympathy or an apology you could whip out your U-lock and bash it around on his hood for a bit. Maybe then he could raise some emotion for the occasion.
Wow, that really sucks, and that's scary too. I am so careful about looking for people before opening car doors, I always fear I will hit someone, either biking, a car, jogger, etc. I'm glad you're ok!
im thinking that since he was a cab driver and didn't really have any kind of emotion, he probably saw you in his side view mirrow, and opened his door on PURPOSE!

Glad it wasn't serious
I have a friend who was sitting at a red light on his bike, and a car hit him. They got out of their car pissed off at HIM. I'm sorry this happened to you. It must have been a big ouchie. My brother called me this morning to say that his car had been stolen, so everyone's weekend is off to a roaring start.

And yeah, folks, pay attention to what you are doing in city traffic. Those blurry moving things you see in your self absorption are called "people."
Thanks for the sympathy everyone!
I am SO sorry that is awful. I actually HIT a biker once but I was getting out of a PULLED over cab and opening the right hand door to walk onto the sidewalk when the biker decided not to see ME and came out of nowhere in the teeeeeeniest space btwn the sidewalk and the door and she went down. Even though it was her fault...I felt HORRIBLE. I am hope you are ok.
As a bicycle commuter for over ten years now, I can only say that many many drivers around here don't see anything but other cars, if that.

I'm glad you didn't get injured and it sounds like the bike was OK, too. It's crazy some days out there.
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