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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Instead of sailing and backpacking adventures this weekend, I suppose I'll be home jerkin' my gherkin.

I had a full weekend planned.

Friday, take an old friend out sailing in the froth and fury of the Chesapeake Bay.

Saturday, depart for Dolly Sods, and not return until Monday night.

But noooo. Mother Nature decided to be a bitch and give me a golden shower; rain is predicted for the entirety of Labor Day weekend. So now I have nothing to do except sit home with my god damn dick in my palm.

2-3 days out and you trust the weatherman, You had better stock up on Milk-Bread-toilet Paper Quick
Well, you could go all Project Runway and design outfits for your penis and have a fashion show. Look. You went there first.
I can't believe you're letting a little rain stop you from sailing. I suppose they don't hold the Volvo during rain either.
OH DAMN, Cuff.

Actually, I think the friend I'm going with is tough enough to sail in the rain. Otherwise, it's nearly impossible to find people to go in rainy weather.

Jason? You there? interested in sailing in the rain, my friend?
There's no such thing as bad weather. Just bad gear.

We're still on.

Three words: Henri Lloyd & Musto.

See you bright and early in DC Friday.
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