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Monday, August 28, 2006

I just quit my job and now I'm gonna sell dirt to the Chinese.

No joke. I just handed in my notice, and damn it feels good. DAMN.

Quitting a hated job lifts your spirits like you have no idea. Two years, my friends, TWO YEARS I stayed at that job, cringing all the way through the drawn-out days, weeks and months. Here are the three main excuses I made for staying:

1 - This is the highest pay in my career field. I'll never find something that gives me the lifestyle I live now.

2 - Most people hate their job, so I have no right to whine about mine.

3 - The benefits are good, despite the bullshit I have to deal with.

All three, deadend rationales, bound for grinding despair.

Folks, if you hate your job, it will slowly devour your soul regardless of the short term material gain. Every year in a despised job makes you less human because most of us have to spend eight hours a day, five days a week chipping away at that drudgery. At some point you have to take a risk and get the fuck out; there's no other way around it.

No one ever did anything worth re-telling more than twice by not taking risks.

So I'm moving on with an extreme career change. For two years I've worked in the immigration field, and now I'm going to sell an organic agricultural product to Asia. Serious. My first trip is to northern Thailand in October.

See ya, suckers!
Dude, that kicks ass. So you're getting into the import/export game? Work is for slaves.
Totally know the feeling. Congrats. Now this is your chance to sail around the world and while you are doing it, you can deliver..or better yet smuggle dirt.
Good luck, darlin!
You know I'm envious of you!!!
Good for Lonnie! If you need someone to go to Thailand with, let me know. My Mom's there for about 5 more months
My Last day is Friday, Want to go Sailing today? Because who is going to say anything?
Thanks guys!
I have been there, and I have had worse to deal with. I went as far as creating an office humor satire website about my evil boss and wicked co-workers.
the office

If you need any growlights or hydroponic stuff to get your "business" going, I know a guy...oh wait: you're going to sell product to Asia. Nevermind.

Grats Lonnie. I can commiserate with on the bad job thing. When I would walk into the building, a literal weight would be loaded onto my shoulders. No windows, horrible work in cramped conditions, and people who are either idiots or assholes. I was miserable. So I can say to you a whole hearted gratz.

btw, I love my current job.
Right on, Lonnie; Good for you! What else can you export to China? Amplifiers?

Relish it,
You da man! Wish it were me.

Those material thing, of which you speak... they sure are nice though.
Man .. congratulations. I'm starting to feel the millstone's rope in my neck as well...

I'm both proud and envious.
Wow. Good for you I say. And you're going right to SE Asia, where my heart is. Jealous.

Um, you're still going to blog, right?
Thank you, all. Your encouragement is much appreciated.

Yes, of course, I'm going to keep blogging. Been doing it now for over 2 years. No need to stop now!
A lot of people in D.C. have changed jobs this summer. Good luck in your new endeavors.
A bad boss sucks your soul right out of your body. Way to go.
Good for you man! Just did the same thing. Just up and quit my job of ten years. Don't have another job and I'm moving outta here to the warm weather.

Good Luck! I'll check in to see how it's going! Nice to know there are others out there with the same pioneer - go- for - what the fuck - spirit!
Hey guys, just quit my job of 6 months after finally realising that its destroying my soul and my life, i was a bit unsure at first but it really helps to see there are people in the same situation, good luck to all of you
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