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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Looks like I'll be playing drums ...

The band is moving right along. We've rented a practice space complete with amps, guitars and a drum set. But by default, my fellow band members have eased me onto an instrument that I have little to no experience playing: drums.

The reason I've been nominated to do this? Because it evens the playing field. You see, I have no false modesty; I'm a better guitar player than my other two members. So I get bored, and tend to "noodle" while everyone else is learning to play the songs. So now that I play an instrument I can barely play, we're gonna sound awesome. And by "awesome", I mean I DARE you to come see us play on a Tuesday night at Velvet Lounge.

Another reason why I think my fellow band members have decided that I must play drums is because it's hard for a drummer to sing. My bandmate has clearly told me that my voice sounds "gay", and I'm not arguing with him.

Anyway, we're getting closer and closer to the Hall of Douchebags, but at least we're having fun.
Is that another one of your photoshop materpieces? Impressive!
photoshop? What's that?

Not sure what you're talking about, but man, that fire was HOT.
You're better at playing the skin flute than your other two band members too but I notice that didn't make it into the blog...

PS. Bruner at practice: "I can be the drummer!!!! I promise I'll get better!!!!" So earnest ladies and gentlemen - and so unlike the jaded Bruner we see here on TSAPS...
If you need a singer, You have my number, no resume needed as you are well aware of my talents
I just keep coming back to this picture again and again. It might be the best thing I've ever seen.
Wow, thank you, RS.

What do you like better, the fact that I'm holding a deer antler and Tibetan ceremonial sword, or the fact that there are towers of flames beside me?
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