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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A left-winger like me is supposed to close his eyes when he sees this ...

True story:

On Sunday I went to the Columbia Road Safeway to get some steak and beer. I get into the 15 Items or Fewer checkout line, and there's one girl ahead of me with 2 items, and ahead of her are two latino---I mean, "latina"---teenaged women (one visably pregnant) pushing a FULL grocery cart of items. There must have been 50 things in that cart.

Whatever. All I have is time. It's Sunday. Who cares.

But as I look into their grocery cart, it's full of baby supplies---diapers, baby food, baby formula, you name it.

So they start talking to the cashier, and are having trouble because they speak virtually no English. And they're paying for all their food with about 10 different food stamp checks. No joke.

So because of the amount of shit they're buying with multiple checks, the line---I'm not kidding here---ends up going all the way back to the fruits and vegetables section (and each person waiting has just two or three items in hand). There must have been 25 people waiting by the time I'd paid and left.

My god. And I went to the rally on the mall yesterday ...
Damon - you're making me feel worried! Are you turning fascist?
Just telling what I saw, that's all.
You counterrevolutionary bourgeois pig! I've been at that safeway so many times when people push the limit of 15 items, but not like that. They need a solimente effectivo or however that's spelled. I can't speak a lick of Spanish, although I, too, was at the rally.
How dare you claim that illegal immigrants shouldn't receive lots of food stamps! Were they overweight illegals, btw?
Having 50 items in the 15 Items or Fewer line is illegal?
Once, just once, I would like to see the cashier at Safeway say, "I'm sorry ma'am but this line is for people with less than 15 items, you'll have to use one of our other lines" If I ever see this happen at a grocery store I will give the cashier that does it $10 on the spot.
Dan: I've seen it happen, and let me tell you it's a funny sight, because the person in line gets kind of pissy usually.
God, I'd love to see that. I'd pay money.
My blog now has its own English supermarket version of this story. I'm ashamed to state that it was I who snuck over the alotted number of items (11 instead of 10!)and incurred the wrath of the check-out girl.
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