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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pictures from San Francisco!


I strolled into a book store in Berkeley. Little did I know they were supporters of that great governmental system known as totalitarianism.

This woman was a performer at the party where my brother was DJing.

Mind you, these people are in their 30s and 40s. But not the type that exist in Washington, DC.

My brother. (The one on the left, for god sakes.)

You've never seen me as happy as when I have a new guitar.

This is a doctor's certificate authorizing my brother's friend to get legal marijuana for having back pain. Click, then read the circled red part.
I've decided you're too happy, LB. You're enjoying this ride we call human life far too much. For everyone's sake, just stop it. Okay? Stop it and go home. Shitman, the smile on your face while playing that dobro? That should be illegal. In fact, I think it is many countries.
I've never been in that bookstore, but then again I've only been to Berkeley once. It does have some nice bookstores (as does SF).
It's called Revolution Books.

Many people on the hard left love Marx, Engels and Lenin, and it's easy to understand because those guys never did anything really bad other than philosphize. Lenin was wheelchair-bound when the Soviet Union was just a baby.

But it was really disturbing that there was a ton of material praising monsters like Mao and Stalin. I haven't seen that too often.
I need one of those doctor slips! No kidding, my back is fucked up.

Ah, one of the things I loved about SF was the ecclectic people. You could go to Haight and just people watch. Fascinating stuff.
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