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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Country Limericks

I recently came upon this limerick:
There once was a woman from Norway
Who liked to hang nude in the doorway.
She said to her beau,
"Hey, look at me Joe --
I think I've discovered one more way."
This is an OK limerick, but I started thinking: could I do better than this, with the limitation that I have to use a European country as the end word in the first line? I decided to try.

Several countries I ruled out right away because they'd be too hard to rhyme: Belgium, Switzerland, Slovakia. A few times I thought up promising opening lines, but nothing came from them: "There once was a man from Andorra" didn't get me anyplace, and "A lovely young maiden from France" seemed too obvious. I needed a clever rhyme, after all, not the France/dance/pants crap everyone knew when they were five years old.

Finally I composed this magnum opus, and I present it here for the world (and future generations) to enjoy:
A young lady from San Marino
Stayed in Vegas's Venetian Casino.
And always, while gambling
She'd never stop rambling
About former Dolphins quarterback and all-time NFL passing percentage leader Dan Marino.
English isn't even my first language and look at the rhymes I'm laying down!

--Olry Vibhor, TSAPS' Guest Blogger for a Week
I love that limerick. The last line really catches you.

Here's another:
There once was a man from toledo
whom I treated like Han Solo did Greedo.
I told him it's a mistake
to wear that to the lake
Another hairy fat man in a speedo.
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