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Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Moonshine can lead to hemorrhoids."

I was doing some spring cleaning when I came across a crumpled mess of water-stained papers in the back of my closet. These papers were a result of a game I'd played with friends a few years ago. Not sure the name of the game, but it starts when someone writes a catch phrase on the top of a piece of paper and passes it to the person to their right. That person then illustrates the catch phrase, folds the paper over the initial phrase, and passes it to the next person. This third person tries to write what phrase the person illustrated and so on ... Thoroughly confused? You should be.

The results (below) usually descend into filth. But why are there so many references to sex with sheep?

OMG Lonnie, thats funny as hell. Hey thanks for visiting my blog btw, its nice to have one fan, hehe. Anyways, good to hear from question tho...Lonnie Bruner? Is that your boat?
One more question... how did all that ink get runny? Some sort of livation I presume?
I think someone put all the papers of the table and spilled beer on them.
I LOVE this game. I want to play it. Excellent, Mr. B.
That is some fine illustrating. The heavy reliance on farm animals is kind of interesting. I suppose it's the same thing when people are asked to draw aliens, they tend to draw that stereotypical skinny elongated head with big eyes and slits for nostrils.
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