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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Love Hate Love Hate Love Story

I just found out that my friend Emily, who went to Argentina with us last November, had a front page story in last week's Baltimore City Paper about trying to quit smoking.

Emily is the best person to smoke cigarettes with. She truly loves them. In fact, cigarettes simply taste better when smoked with Emily. In Argentina, she and I practically chain-smoked Lucky Strikes and it never felt so good. Once, we lined up a burning cigarette in an ashtray next to some freshly-cut smoked Argentine sausage and a glass of scotch. The combination of those three flavors was culinary perfection, I assure you. But now Emily's working on a 10-year habit and knows she has to quit soon.

I can't imagine what Emily will be like without smoking. She makes it look so good, I almost don't want her to quit ... but don't tell her I said that.
I've never been into the smoking, although I smoked a pipe my freshman year of college and soon realized that only 60 year olds can carry off the pipe routine.
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