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Monday, March 13, 2006

I went spelunking at work.

After the Caps' game on Sunday night I took my friend a few blocks from the stadium to the 110-year-old building where I work. Bored, we snagged a few beers from the conference room fridge and toured the building. He was REALLY interested in the ancient structure that I call my office building.

I showed him the basement where the workout room is and his eyes lit up when he spotted the entrance to the "sub basement"---another sub level with a dirt floor. I've been interested in what the hell is there because in 2002 the Assistant Director found a dead homeless man down there. We had to go.

Toting some CVS-bought flashlights, we descended to the musty, dank sub basement. I wish I could say it looked something like this, but it was just filthy with dirt floors, old brown brick, and low ceilings.

But I felt like a teenager again and that made it all worth it.

On Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula there is a bar that is actually also a nightclub that is actually also a cave. No shit, with stalactites and stalagnites and everything. It smells musty and has weird lighting and I feel that dancing or any other heavy excercise there would probably be hazardous to one's health. But fuggit, it's Mexico!
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