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Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Don't Need Any New Friends.

The most insecure celebrities have the largest entourages. Jennifer Lopez is known to invite 70 "friends" with her to the places she frequents. And it makes sense. Actors are the geeks who were playing dress up as kids while you and I were out riding bikes and playing kickball. It's no surprise that these folks are insecure as adults.

Many 20-somethings are like that. They've moved to a new city or are beginning their careers and need innumerable friends to avoid disappearing into a void of their own insecurity and loneliness. The result is an ongoing "friend" accumulation game that can have no limits.

By the time you're near 30, you could give a quick fuck about all that. You've got your set of friends and there's no need to waste time trying to accumulate a plush friend-woven security blanket. If new friends come along, fine, but no effort needs to be exhausted.

I realized I felt like this when I left my last job. A 20-something I'd been friendly with asked me if I'd come back to visit and hang out. It's one of those questions everyone is asked when they quit a job, and the answer is supposed to be, "Totally! I'm gonna miss you guys so much!! BFF!! :-)" When he asked me, I paused for a second to think and I responded, "Uh, probably not."

Don't get me wrong; I love my friends to death. But as for new ones, if it happens, it happens. Otherwise, I don't need any new friends. Thanks.
Beautifully put. I can count on one finger the friends I've kept from past jobs.
And it's always awkward when the person comes back to visit their old job. Everyone's like, "Oh, yea. I remember you ..." Do they think they're supposed to be received with open arms or something?
A lot of times when people come back to places they used to work, it's with guns in their hands...
If by "a lot of times" you mean "in extremely rare occasions" then I agree with you, Cuff.

Actually, this is hilarious and well put. I know people who show no discrimination in letting new people into their circle of friends, and I've never known whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. As for me, I always think "I'm not accepting any new applications at this time." I'm flush. I mean, how many people can you have a deep and meaningful friendship with at the same time? Maybe a half a dozen? Dozen tops?
Damn right. I'm near 30, and have been scratching my head for a while now over my 3-years-younger sister's gigantic group of friends. They don't even seem to really like each other that much.

And I'm seeing myself watching new, interesting people float by and hearing myself saying, "Eh."
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