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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Flavorlessness of Vodka

There's a recent article in Modern Drunkard Magazine with Ted Haigh, author of a recent book on vintage spirits and graphic designer for some films or something. His take on vodka is something I've voiced before:

In Eastern Europe vodka can be aged, nobody in Eastern Europe ever said vodka should be flavorless, that is something that we Americans are stuck on it. It sucks. The flavorlessness of vodka is what is going to turn a lot of the kids into alcoholics, not the good kind of alcoholics, the bad kind. If all they’re drinking is something that tastes like candy, what do you expect? They can’t even tolerate the bite of a good rye whisky. The culture is definitely on the skids when drinkers don’t want to taste the alcohol in their cocktails. They cease to be cocktails at that point anyway.

Not that I don't like a good wet martini, but seriously.
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