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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Even a Little Slutty

Gavin McInnes, the guy who writes the Dos and Don'ts for Vice Magazine, now has a collection of all the Dos and Don'ts in one book. The beginning has an interview with McInnes. Here's a nice quote from him in the intro:

"I'd like it if I contributed to a ban on men's toes in general. I am fucking sick to death of looking at men's toes. I'd also lke to see them stop waxing their chests and getting pedicures. Men aren't supposed to look pretty. As far as women go I'd like them to learn that we don't really give a shit if they're fat and have droopers. We don't like make-up or perfume so stop wasting all your money on it. If a woman wears high heel shoes and dresses even a little slutty, we're in. Also, I want all those purple loving people to know that purple is the color of sexual frustration and we are laughing at how horny they are."
This is so dead-on it's spooky.
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