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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why does the news bore me now?

About 5 years ago, at one point, I subscribed to 3 different papers: NYT, WSJ and Washington Post. Now, I'm surprised if I read past the 3rd headline on I used to be so interested in what all those folks had to say, the editorials, international section, etc. I would spend hours on reading the paper each day.

While I still feel that that was a worthwhile way to spend my time, I just don't care as much about it anymore. I just cannot force myself to be too interested in the news for very long. Using the j-word is annoying, so I won't do it. What's the explanation here? Am I an apathetic loser?

Then again, what good does being informed of every detail that goes on in the world do if you don't do anything to change it? When I was a news-junkie I was also an activist. Now I'm not an activist, so who the fuck cares.
You don't read the news anymore because you're the most comfortable you've ever been in your life. You've got a great place to live, an amazing wife, a good job, you're surrounded by friends who love you and, from what I've heard, your cock is enormous.
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