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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I hate when old people go off on diatribes about how crazy people are today with their "fruit roll-ups" and "velcro shoes" (picture the speaker making over-emphasized finger-quotes). You know what I'm talking about: that annoying Andy Rooney schtick. Every time a person rants about "new-fangled inventions" and what-not he grows a full millimeter of eyebrow hair, no doubt.

Having made that disclaimer, I'd like to have my own mini-rant about telecommuting. What the fuck is that shit? This is the workingman's dream come true. In 2005, one can stay the fuck home and get paid for it. Every time I see the work schedule of everyone at my organization and see that someone is "telecommuting" I wonder if everyone else is sitting in their offices and getting a good snicker out of it. Lucky dogs. Who the hell wouldn't sleep in and run errands all day? How the hell would the boss find out about it if you did? It's a great work world we live in today. The union movement must be proud as hell that someone could tell their boss that they're telecommuting and do it with a straight face.
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