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Monday, February 21, 2005

Hair and Grime

I never do hard physical labor, much less for 4 hour stretches. But these past weekends---and weekends through next month no doubt---I've had to move hours worth of other people's junk and clean up their encrusted hair and grime. I won't go into why I have to do this but there's something humbling about this whole endeavor. It keeps me going to say that it "builds character" but what it really does is make me realize what it must be like to be a janitor or other sanitary worker.

Let me just give one example of how bad it was. The basement was the worst of it because that's where the washer and dryer are. There were so many years of dryer sheets and lint build up on the floor that I had to use a full floor scraper to get it up. Here's a brief list of the shit I have recently handled, cleaned or thrown out:

- Encrusted pubic hair

- Spiderweb-covered, disassembled christmas tree

- 50 empy boxes, stuck to the floor, piled high

- 35 sheets of glass

- Moldy dry wall

- 8 boxes of musty clothes

- 2 broken air conditioning units

- desks, tables, broken chairs
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