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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

They All Want To Come Here

And they really do. I realize this every day at my job where I have to deal with US Consulates the world throughout who deny or approve visa applications. Every foreign applicant for a "non-immigrant visa", ie, tourist, student, exchange visitor, is assumed to be an immigrant until they can prove otherwise. This is not just some kind of advised procedure that the Department of State suggests all the US Consulates do. This is enforced by writ of law. It's in the Immigration and Nationality Act and has been for decades.

Basically, of the 180 consular posts the United States has around the world, it's assumed that the citizens of all those countries are all dying to get here to stay and work. And they are, in fact. And if these poor, huddled masses cannot prove without a doubt that they have no intention of staying in the US after their temporary stay, and that they won't become a "public charge" (love that term) the US Consulate will not give a temporary visa to them to come here.

This further proves my point that the US economy is an unsinkable freight ship with a 4-foot steel hull. It's only going upward and forward no matter how many "recessions" we go through or how many people claim that the economy is "in the shitter". Don't believe it for a second. Just ask the millions who are spending their last pennies on visa fees to go down to the US consulate in their squalid capitals to be denied entrance in the United States.

And those who do get in---of the ones I've spoken to at my job---often go to immigration lawyers to get them work visas, permanent residences or waivers of the 2 Year Foreign Residency Requirement tacked onto their stay here. This country has so much to offer in terms of economic advancement for immigrants. It's just unbelieveable.
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