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Friday, March 04, 2005

My god

Tonight I went to happy hour with work people. About 10 minutes into the evening I saw a familiar face walk into the restaurant alone. It was a friend of a friend, Jon, who I've hung out with less that 10 times. I know that he's had problems with alcohol but don't think much of it. I call him over to chat with me and my co-workers. We talk for a few minutes about our mutual friend and when the conversation starts to lull he says something like, "I think I'll head back over to my chair". It seems a little weird but he sits there alone for a while, looking kind of sad, and then I wave to him again when we make eye contact and he comes back over.

After some decent coversation and the addition of loud guitar players at the restaurant, 4 of us (including Jon) decide to go to a quieter place. This quiet place is a fairly upscale restaurant, complete with a well-dressed hostess, black leather stool-chairs, wine bottle-lined walls and $10 drinks.

So the conversation turns to politics and Jon starts getting really belligerent, calling my co-worker an asshole (they'd just met). We all quickly understand that he's far drunker than anyone there (and it's still before 10 PM). During some drunken slur, Jon actually falls off his stool-chair, drink in hand, and makes a huge scene all over this nice restaurant, as he and the chair go flying everywherre. He's just drunk as shit and out of control. It's such an unusual thing to happen at this restaurant that the hostess just starts helping him up, not realizing that he should be booted out of the place.

I try to smooth things over with the co-workers and pay the bill and leave. I try to usher Jon home on the Metro with me but he insists he'll find his own way home. I walk down the street and watch as he walks straight into the nearest bar.

This guy is obviously a serious alcoholic. "Alcoholic" is a term people throw around once in a while but it's not until we are around a real one that we realize what it actually means.
Jon sounds like a "fun-o-holic"!
Sounds like your co-workers really appreciate the the dark side of Damon's social life. If he is the friend of a friend, then you have to talk to that friend. whoever it is.

One of my neighbors is a pill addict. We didn't know her during her percocet craze, but it was fucked up. So we didn't really think too much of it. Until . .

She started asking Dawn for valium at randomn times. Then one day I came home from work and there were 3 cop cars in the cul-de-sac and Dawn was missing. Turns out she was over there trying to talk the cops out of giving the addict a ticket for crashing through a construction site!! Total hit and run. Anyway, the lady had taken ten valium in a day. her speech was slurring and her eyes kept closing.

craaaaazy wirl

yeah, Glen, someone oughta sell tickets.
I really love drinking and recreational drug use. It's hard, though, for me to imagine not being able to stop. I have friends who are recovered alcoholics and simply won't have a drop to drink when we're out, which I can respect. But I just can't get my mind around the idea of not being able to just have a drink or two and quit for the night. Or get drunk, but only do it once in a while.
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