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Monday, February 28, 2005

I don't think I can eat Indian food anymore ...

And it's not something new for me. I've been eating it since my vegetarian phase back in the mid-1990s.

If you add curry to anything, it tastes the same. I can honestly say that of the 8,000 times I've eaten Indian food, I've never felt that it was either amazing or horrible. It's always somewhere in the middle. The only time I felt I'd eaten really good Indian food was in New York where the restaurant had some kind of scallop dish. So, in short, I thought it was great because it wasn't even traditional Indian food. I heard somewhere that hot climates produce spicy foods to cover up the taste of rotten meat. I think it's true in the case of curry. I could probably add curry to feces and it wouldn't taste horrible or great, just somewhere in the middle.

And it's mushy. Seriously. It's just gobs of currified stew, slopped on a plate and mixed with rice. And no matter what, it's got that soft texture, that doughy doughiness.

And at the end of the evening, there's nothing much to it. Chicken is the most basic meat around, they don't eat beef or pork, and lamb is tough and easily overcooked. Otherwise, they choose some tasteless vegetables like chick peas and add the curry to mush it up and serve it on a plate. Ugh.

If there were no vegetarians in the US, there would be almost no Indian restaurants. As for me, I'll be satisfied if I have it fewer than two times a year.

Ok, I admit that a mango lassi is great, but that's it.
You aren't eating at the right Indian restaurants. Indian food is awesome.
Indian pussy tastes like mango lassi.
What about tandoori? oven cooked stuff? Indians know what's up. Just don't order curried anything for awhile.
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