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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Posed Group Photo

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For a while now I've thought that the posed group photo is against everything that taking photos should be about. I understand why it's done, and everytime people are on vacation the urge to line up and stand still while someone shoots the photo is there. But shouldn't taking photos of your family and friends be about more than that?

Here I have a photo of me and my in-laws in Wyoming. At no point during the trip would we have all lined up and stood side-by-side in the driveway on our own. This is a completely unnatural thing to do. But we did it. We had to suffer through like 10 minutes of this rigamarole. We were in Wyoming for a week and there were so many interesting things we did so why waste film on this wasted shot?

When you look through someone's photos do you ever stop and look at the posed group photo for more than one second? The worst is when there are like 5 or more posed group photos, each one looking nearly identical. The posed group photo tells you nothing about the people in the picture. No personality is here. Just stiff smiles looking at the camera and waiting.

Not that all pictures should be spur of the moment shots, but we should do away with the posed group photo once and for all.

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