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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Surabaya Crabs

Picture taken at a restaurant in Surabaya, Indonesia. The crabs are wrapped with ribbon or leaves so they won't pinch people.

Thing is, they have great crabs over here, but they prepare them to detract from the meat's taste by slathering the hell out of them with gooey, spicy-wet sauce. Often, Asian food is so good but they don't understand the concept of letting the meat stand on its own sometimes. They should prepare crabs the correct way: by covering them entirely in a DRY spicy salt. Much much better.
Old Bay
Curious, Do they eat them soft shell?

I think in some places, but I haven't seen it.
I agree with a dry rub, or almost. Forget Old Bay, too salty. Use a little Surachi sauce from vietnam, garlic and heat.Add your favorite spice(s). Tumeric would go well and dry ginger. Dry mustard is good too. A little seasalt, not too much. Maybe some raw garlic, but the Sirachi is very garlicky. Add Chinese 5 spice only if you like sweet. Cilantro, fresh, as garnish.

Blasphemy! Old Bay too much salt? It doesn't have ENOUGH salt -- that's why I don't use it. J.O. Crab Spice all the way.

Never would I put garlic or Vietnamese sauce on a Maryland crab. There was a time when a statement like that would've been quite dangerous in some parts of Maryland ...
JO in a pinch
tough shit,I like garlic.
by the way lonnie, it's my belief that different people taste the same food, or beer for that matter, in different ways.Depends entirely on body chemistry, hence too much garlic for you may not be enough for me, or the right amount of salt for you may may be way too much for me. I have empirical/anecdotal evidence. Blaspheme me all you like, seems to be your talent anyway, but I'll stand my ground.

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