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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shit I've Fixed on the Sailboat in 2010 (Non-sailors need not read this).

Whenever the winter is hard on my mind, it's harder on my sailboat. I am nearly ready for the 2010 sailing season once I get a couple more things done. Here's what I've completed so far, with details.

I love reading the sailing blogs' lists of Spring fix-it tasks, but I'm always disappointed that they just make a short bullet-pointed list without good descriptions of what it took to do this or that. I always find that the smallest job on a sailboat takes MUCH longer than anticipated, so here we go, as I see that it should be written:
Regardless of all this, as my Todd said, "the fun things in life are never very practical." And we spend money on the fun things because that's what "living" is all about.
May I be the first to comment?

No matter what kind of light fixture you install, unless it is 100% plastic, it will corrode and/ or rust after 2 months. Sucks.

West Marine rules. Even if the shit you buy from there breaks or disintegrates in a year, it's still the greatest candy store this side of Costco.

Chicken Livers are one of the true pleasures in life, and even if you only have a container with those words on it, you're ahead of the game.

I just for the first time in my life bought a "marine stereo", so first, I need to learn how to install the f'er. Then I can comment on how much it sucks, or preferably, how much I love the thing.

I find that conventional depth-finders are only good for telling you how deep the water is directly below you, when it's too damn late to do anything about it. It's still cool to know how deep the water is directly below you.

Have you still not fixed that goddamn head intake?

Lonnie: Really, it's easy to pay someone to paint your bottom, but it's so much CHEAPER to do it yourself. Have you ever painted your bedroom?

You have much better luck than I do when it comes to fishing from a sailboat. It's like fishing anywhere else, Nothing! Ever.
Impressive list LB and certainly deserving of its own list.
That's great. Can't wait to sail next month.
I hate that ladder - I had a blood blister beneath my toenail for 6 months after it folded on me. I was secretly hoping it would last until the following sail trip.
Glad you replaced it.

I have some old house speakers with quality 12 inch cones you can have. poor man's sub. You might have to chop it down to fit it in the bilge but it's yours if you want it.

Spent a good half hour in my basement digging up an old WWII Royal Navy photo of paternal grandfather. If I find time I'm going to get it copied/framed and hold you to your promise of putting it alongside Lonnie. It's pretty small anyway.

You're a hard core boat owner. I'd be proud of this list if I were you. and I can't wait to sip beers and poke around the boat when you give me the tour.

The brass should be ok. It may have a patina on it, but that just makes it look more rustic. That's how my brass oil lanterns look and I don't care.

RE: painting. Check this out: the next marina will haul and block the boat for $351; I would still have to pay $150 for a gallon of bottom paint and paint it myself, which I was ready to do. However, my marina told me they'd haul, powerwash and paint for $300 which includes the cost of paint. I've got to spend time on the valves so I'll happily have someone else do it for that amazing price.

All Rounder:

That ladder made me angry every time I looked at it. It's now in my garage.

I think 12" cones are too large but thanks. Maybe Best Buy will have something smaller.

Yes, the picture offer still stands. That would be awesome.
You know, I forgot you were already in the water! Well then, that seems like a deal. Does she stay in all winter? I don't remember you mentioning.

She's in the water all year long. Actually, she's probably been in the water for most of 38 years.
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